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IT Governance and Policy

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Avoid failing to set the right direction and grasp business improvement opportunities because of ineffective IT Governance. Many organizations that have IT problems are doing so because of ineffective governance.

Many business leaders in mid-sized organizations are unaware that the business is at severe risk because of ineffective IT risk management and IT operational control.

The failure rate for IT business change initiatives is high, primarily as a result of poor change management processes and practices.

ITSS provides an independent assessment of current IT Governance for both the Business operational management and the IT Department across the following dimensions.

  • Business Strategy alignment
  • IT Strategy
  • Risk, Policies, Conformance, Compliance
  • Change management
  • IT Structure, skills priorities and resources
  • Operational IT management and processes

Once organisations have grown beyond a certain point formal IT Policies and audit processes become essential to achieving across the board compliance to the way in which the organization wishes its staff to manage and use IT. This is particularly true when there is staff turnover

Failing to clearly set out the principles and way in which people in the organisation are to procure, manage and use IT and then periodically audit what is happening will mean that what happens in practice will be at best inconsistent and at worst severely damaging to the business.

Developing IT Policies that work for the size and type of business requires judgement, experience and knowledge of relevant policy standards and their application. Growing businesses require controls but cannot have their agility compromised by unnecessary process and red tape.

ITSS provides the means to define and implement an effective and practical set of Information Security and Information technology policies. ITSS can also provide a periodic Audit service to validate compliance.