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As an organization grows often so too does the level of IT use and the numbers of IT service and support entities, whether they take the form of internal IT departments and staff or external IT Solutions and services vendors.

There may be mixed views in the organization about the level and quality of IT service support being provided or some doubt about the value for money of the services being provided. Alternatively it may be thought that given changing business needs or changing approaches to IT support in the market it is sensible to reassess the existing mechanisms for IT Service support.

An ITSS Service Support Review provides a valuable independent assessment. ITSS engages with the company’s IT team, business users and external IT service partners to assess the structures, resource levels, processes and performance measures against the organisational needs of the company and industry best practice in IT service delivery and support.

A detailed IT Service Support Review Report is delivered that benchmarks performance against best practice and recommends a development roadmap and key performance indicators for IT service delivery and support for the organisation